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May 29, 2017

My father used to say "everything in its proper perspective". And I have to admit that for many years, I had NO IDEA what this meant. It seemed like, no matter the circumstance, he found a way to use it. 

When I was supposed to clean my room: Everything in its proper perspective.

When I questioned him about something: Everything in its proper perspective. 

When I was concerned about school or my teenage angst: Ramona, everything in its proper perspective. 

What he meant was everything had a right time and place. It was up to me to make sure that my life, my mind and my decisions were in proper perspective, in right shape and at the right moment. 

Perspective is how you see things or a point of view. But it's also being able to tell what is and is not important.

Often times we get to stuck on where we are NOT that we lose perspective on where we are supposed to be going. We are so busy recounting all of things that we think are wrong our lives, that we cannot see what is totally r...

May 16, 2017

When I was a young girl maybe like 7 or 8 in age I loved to watch scary movies. Jason, It, Pet Cemetery, a long list and I was never afraid. Until the day I watched Nightmare on Elm Street. It terrified me! You remember, it was the one with the the guy (Freddy Kruger) who wore a glove with razors as finger and wore that super ugly sweater, yeah him. He was killing kids and had been arrested and released on a technicality and so a group of outrage parents cornered him and burned him alive in a huge furnace and somehow he becomes the nightmare demon-spirit. He came back to torture the kids of the parents who had killed him. He would kill them in their dreams and it would kill them in real life. 

My poor dad would stay up all night counting sheep with me. Until one night I woke up, screaming and crying the "demon killed one of the sheep." On that night, probably out of frustration and lack of sleep, he asked "why does this one scare you so much and why do you keep sneaking and watching i...

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