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  • Mona Isler

Everything In Its Proper Perspective

My father used to say "everything in its proper perspective". And I have to admit that for many years, I had NO IDEA what this meant. It seemed like, no matter the circumstance, he found a way to use it. When I was supposed to clean my room: Everything in its proper perspective. When I questioned him about something: Everything in its proper perspective. When I was concerned about school or my teenage angst: Ramona, everything in its proper perspective. What he meant was everything had a right time and place. It was up to me to make sure that my life, my mind and my decisions were in proper perspective, in right shape and at the right moment. Perspective is how you see things or a point of view. But it's also being able to tell what is and is not important. Often times we get to stuck on where we are NOT that we lose perspective on where we are supposed to be going. We are so busy recounting all of things that we think are wrong our lives, that we cannot see what is totally right. We obsess on what is missing and lose sight of everything good around us. Some days you have to stop and smell the roses. I mean literally take a look around you and see all the ways that God has blessed you. First and foremost, you're alive and breathing. That deserves a praise break in and of itself. *happy feet* You are healthy. You have a roof over your head. Your lights are on. Your belly is full. You have clothes and shoes in the closet. You might even have $25 in the bank. You have friends and family who love you. You have a job, a car, a significant other. You may have less or you may have more. But you have something else that's more important. You have a purpose. You have lives that you impact. You have a God-given destiny. You matter. I know you might not think you do, but God knows. Because that purpose is His. That compassion you show? That's God. When you forgive the unforgivable? That's God. When you love the unlovable? That's God. When you sing the church house down? That's God. Because you are affecting lives; in ways that you cannot imagine. Stop selling yourself short. Stop selling God short. Get, and keep, a proper perspective about yourself. You are God's chosen. You. Make. A. Difference. So tomorrow morning, stand in the mirror and remind yourself that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and then read Psalm 139 That alone will help you keep everything in its proper perspective. In love, Mona

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