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  • Patrice James

A Black Brother

A black brother struggles on the corner While the other is being pulled away by a coroner. Looking for a job is what you might say, Not quite, because he is there everyday. Looking for a chance to survive Is what everyone is trying to do. But what can we say When we bury a black brother every day? Why must we kill to get our point across? Every time we do, there is another loss. Why must we use a gun to prove that we are bad? The person that you may kill is all that someone else has ever had. We must take a little time to come together. Maybe if we do, we might just live forever. For there is more than one way, For a black brother to survive today. If you have a problem what should you do? Talk to an adult or someone that can help you. For turning to drugs, crack and cocaine Will do nothing but make you insane. Give respect and you shall receive, Don't leave your parents with sorrow and grieve. So don't give up because there is more than one way For a black brother to survive today.

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