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“Reflections” by Henrietta Miller

Happy 11th Church Anniversary to Pastor D and Pastor V Carter.

It has been a blessing to me to be a member of Joint Heirs Church.  It took me awhile to adjust to the different type of service. Now I feel much more comfortable.  I love the way everyone looks out for each other.  They call and check up on me. Asking do I need anything. 

 Pastor Carter has been giving so many meaningful messages that has truly lifted my Spirit. I thank you for that Pastor.   I'm able to share them with my sister. It has helped her.  Pastor V you have been so helpful to me.  I love the way you do so many things and how well you do them.  Your smile makes my day. 

I love being part of the Mother's Board.  Hearing the Praise and Worship Team. Then listening  to Pastor Carter bring the Word that's so important to me.  I thank the Deacons for helping me enter the church and helping me to my seat. The other Ministers are doing a great job also.  The Food Ministry for taking care and sending food each week to my house.  Thank you!!!

I want to thank the Cleaning committee for the great job they do keeping the church clean. 

                             ~  Mother Henrietta  Miller

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