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“Reflections” by Jeannette A-McKee

Happy Church Anniversary  to  Pastor D and Pastor V Carter, the Church Family of JHKM and the Leadership. 

What a blessed year for me to be a part of JHKM.  The merger was an answer to a prayer.  God has placed me in Joint Heirs at a  time very much needed in my life.   Your love and support have meant so much.  Thank you doesn't begin to say it all. Our Praise & Worship takes me to the Throne Room. I appreciate all our members  support for each other.  Most of all that current of tension and confusion is not in JHKM.  Praise God when I come I enter Peace and Worship.  I leave comforted and strengthened to face the challenges that may come. 

Thank you for the Mother's Board that gives the Mothers a place.  Our unity in Prayer makes us a force for Love in our church and community.  Thank you for Pastor Phyllis vision for the Mother's Board.  Thank you  Pastor for using us.  Pastor D, I appreciate how you allow different Ministers to bring the Word as God leads and it's Marvelous!

This journey God has lead me on has bought me home to JHKM!


         ~  Mother Jeannette Anderson McKee 

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