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"Reflections" by Joyce Lampman

Over my years at Joint Heirs Kingdom Ministries I have spent a lot of time quietly observing from afar: watching, listening, and studying intently, not only leadership but the congregation as a whole…. whether in my moments of being content or in the middle of a storm. What I have come to realize and be thankful for; of course starts with Pastor D and Pastor V, then other leadership, and last but not least the congregation as whole.

First and foremost, our Pastors lead by example, they practice/live what they preach, they are open and approachable, and are real/genuine, not fake and phony. The leaders under them are the same (for the most part, some still a little scary/rough around the edges at times but Praise God…..He who begun a new work will see it through to completion. But good, honest, caring, hardworking, dedicated, real people. Then the congregation, each uniquely made individual from the youngest to the oldest, from the quietest to the loudest, from the funniest to the think they are funny, (again not calling anyone out….Praise God again because we need and value each and every one); each has a special unique character, personality, talents, and strengths, and I so value each, and hope and pray that each and every person recognize their own worth and value in the church and mostly as a child of God. Each individual makes up the intricacy of the church body and when is absent it is felt.

I am also grateful for the fact that Joint Heirs does not take part in gossip and cliques to the best of my knowledge and if I just happen to be naïve (or not as cultured) and miss it, I feel confident that it will be addressed and squashed by leadership.

I am grateful for the realness of people and their willingness to be transparent and continue to increase their transparency the more they get to know and trust people; leader or member. We are all human with our own character flaws and struggles and we are not judged, we are all still oved and guided according to the Word of God.

I am grateful for the sense of balance throughout:

· Pastor D / Pastor V

· Leaders

· Members

Everyone has everyone’s back!!!

And I am so grateful for the Women’s Prayer and Share Line!!!!!!! It has really helped with building close and trusting relationships which has each and every day with those on it. I wish that more ladies would join.

For my closing thought I just want to say that I love and appreciate the church as whole, even more because of the quarantine!!!! I actually miss people’s smiles, hugs or giving people hugs who try to run away, hide, or freeze because they think if they don’t move I won’t see them (NEWS FLASH I SEEEEEE YOU!!!), not so funny jokes, and even getting yelled at for still not knowing some church protocol...Lol!

Ok I have one more thing which is a testament to Pastor D and Pastor V and Joint Heirs Kingdom Ministries…. I am not one to jump at commitments, as I have been to many churches over the past 25 years and have never became an "official member" anywhere. But, if I was to make an "official commitment", it would be to Joint Heirs Kingdom Ministries, they're my family!

~ Joyce L.

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