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“Reflections” by Karla A. Jones

First of all, I am glad that Joint-Heirs has two individuals, in Pastor Carter and First Lady, that have genuine hearts for their members. Although, I am still getting to know both of them; I feel that both of their hearts are pure, especially when I had experience an occurrence that happened to me and during a brief conversation First Lady and I had a brief conversation and I noticed tears begin coming down her face and I was touched by that, because it made me feel that she cared about what I was going threw at that particular time.

Secondly, I am glad that this church is still remaining on 220 Avenue D, because awhile back, I started at the church on North Street Center, when we was called "Charity" originally, with former pastor Anthony Saxton who initiated reaching to  the youth and coordinating curricular outdoor festivities for the summer particular for the youth; then Pastor Jose Rosenbaum continued the idea with gearing towards the youth as well, and also including his bounce houses rentals and or utilizing them to captivate kids coming to different functions we had during the summer, with prizes, basketball tournaments, refreshments, etc... Now, Pastor Carter’s vision for the community has caused birthed a partnership with Foodlink Inc., and we’re reaching out to the public with weekly food give aways on Thursdays afternoons, which many people in our community (the numbers of those that show up increase weekly).

I am glad to be part of a ministry that has concern for the community, and has not stopped being a blessing even during the current times ("COVID"),  that has effected the world and killed many lives all over the world sadly to say; this unexpected virus has undoubtedly impacted each and every one of us in one aspect or another.  However, God didn't give us the spirit of fear, but to just stay in prayer for one another and keep one another encourage. 

By God's Grace and Mercy, he has utilize Joint-Heirs as a resource for others that are in need and that alone brings happiness in my heart, knowing that we have a church that has interest of doing a good deed for someone, because everyone's needs are different. Therefore, I will like to give Mother Upshaw, Paula Givens, Mother Lillie and the countless others, who have taken time out of your schedule to help out as well. "What A Blessing", to have dedicated people who don’t mind serving the community!

Lastly, I really appreciate "Joint-Heirs", which has influenced my life with the teaching and preaching thus far, because I have a desire to know more of the word, and a desire to understand the Bible more; there are interesting stories that people like myself can relate to now, with every day life ups and downs.

~ Karla

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