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"Reflections" by Mary Stevens

I have been a part of several different churches in my lifetime, so have observed and have experienced a variety of different faith cultures...

What I love about JHKM and its leaders is their enthusiastic love and praise for Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ. I love that the focus is on the Word of God, God’s Truth. I appreciate the joy, the thankfulness, and the worship for God even during hard times.

JHKM leaders have a genuine desire to love people for who they are and for where they are without distinction. They have a persistent, intentional desire to show love and respect for all and to invite all to draw closer to God. They put this desire into action by physically reaching out to those who are suffering, struggling, or who are in need in some way (body, soul, or spirit).

Being a part of the JHKM faith family has helped me to be more joyful and thankful in my own worship. Being in this church has brought me closer to God and brought me greater inner healing and peace. I am so thankful to have found a spiritual home and a spiritual family where I can love and be loved.

~ Minister Mary Stevens


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"We Build People That Build People!"

~ Pastor Darryl E. Carter


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